Environment & EUTR


Timber Link International Ltd. will endeavour to promote good forest management and sustainable harvesting in all its activities.

Timber Link is FSC® and PEFC certified for Chain of Custody (COC) by the certifying bodies CONTROL UNION and CATG (Certification And Timber Grading).

TLI is a leading supplier of Certified timber under the above mentioned schemes and also of Legally Verified timber covered by OLB, TLTV and VLO schemes.

We are fully aware of legislation under the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT programs operating in Europe and the LACY act in the US.  All timber and timber products that we trade are EUTR compliant and our full Due Diligence System and Declaration is available for download below in pdf format.

Rupert Walker, is a trained forester and has travelled extensively to world wide supply areas and is always willing to share his knowledge of forest practices undertaken by Timber Link’s suppliers.

Sustainable forests are the future of our industry, wood is one of the few truly sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. Trees grown for conversion to forest products lock carbon and protect ecosystems.

Wherever possible Timber Link will source and promote the use of independently certified forest products under internationally recognised programs. We do not give priority to any one program and believe that all efforts towards sound forest management should be encouraged.

Timber Link will promote the use of lesser known species, dimensioned and engineered products that allow maximisation of the available forest resource.

EUTR Due Diligence System & Declaration (PDF)

FSC® Chain of Custody Certificate (PDF)

PEFC Certificate of Registration (PDF)